Enter the third dimension

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April 26, 2011
April 30, 2011

Enter the third dimension

Local studios are going creative by coming up with 3D animated ads.

NO one likes those boring ads that pop up just after an intense scene in a TV serial or after a wicket goes down. And local animation companies seem to know this quite well. As a result, many companies are coming up with 3D animated commercials to break the monotony of breaks. Chetan Deshmukh, director of an animation studio in the city, recently made a series of three 3D TV commercials, where he showed two species of animals fighting together, with a pair of original and wooden tusks each. “Such a concept was impossible to shoot. We would have had to buy footage and add special effects to it. But it would have been a tiresome job. Our only option was to create those animals.” His task in hand was to make the ad as real as possible. “We had to understand the anatomy, study the animals’ behavior and understand that rhinos and elephants communicate through a subsonic sound. We researched during pre-production after buying hours of footage. On three commercials, we spent about 40 to 45 lakhs, and the quality was at par with studios all over the world,” he tells us.
Animation is usually related to wacky and fantasy brands. But local studios feel it’s all about creating something unique. Animation film designer Ashwin Daptardar feels that it’s a very good medium to use for advertisements. “There are many advantages of going for an animated ad. You don’t have to go to a modelling agency to look for the perfect model. You don’t need anyone to make a shooting schedule, and you can express more than what you can express through the video.” While Daptardar agrees that the process of developing the characters is tedious, the final result is worth spending time and money. He says, “For one of our recent 3D animated commercials, we took one month of actual production time. It’s a growing field and its demand will increase.”
Animated ads also have a better recall value. Rahul Bakshi, CEO, of an animation studio wants to bank on the good scope of these ads. He explains, “Since the character is not a cricketer or a movie star, his performance doesn’t affect the brand. We’ve had many enquiries from local companies for such ads. These days, people don’t mind spending money if you pitch the concept in the right manner.” But isn’t it an expensive affair? “If you want Dhoni or Saina, it will cost you a huge amount as well. 3D animated ads will require less than the kind of money you will pay them.”
Shambhu Phalke, executive producer, animation, in an animation studio has also seen a rise in the demands of such ads. “We do at least 20 to 40 3D animated ads in a period of six months.” He feels that it’s no longer about budget, but a need and necessity. “If you make an ad for mosquito repellent coil you can’t really train them or make them act. Ads run on making consumers aware of the necessity. Certain effects are done easily in 3D. You can actually create a non-existent background through such ads. Also because of HD, LED, LCD availability, the overall output looks wonderful.” He adds that almost every ad today has some 3D effect. “It’s faster, cheaper and more convincing. The only hurdle is the ad budget that these agencies get. They give you 12 days max and things get tough. But yes, the situation is improving.”
But Vijay Xavier, who is heading an animation studio feels that a lot more work can be done. “The demand for 3D ads have increased and people are investing in the same. Give Pune five more years, and I think we will be there.”
With animation making its mark through ads, it could be the next best thing to bring in more viewers.

Source : Pune Time, Times Of India

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