A Visionary Who Was Crazy Like a Mouse “Walt Disney”
September 14, 2015

Is animation best for future or web designing?

If you ask us, it all depends on where interests you.
But both animation and web design are very vast areas. There are so many sub-fields under both of them. For example, web design is no longer the same it was few years ago. Now, it’s all broken down to user interface, user experience, wire-framing, development, visual design, creating user-flows et al. Same case with animation too.
Nonetheless, with a rapid growth in the use of graphic content these days, there is a good demand for people with creative skills. So understand where your interest lies more and go ahead, I’m sure, with good skills, you’ll find great opportunities.

Anything that deals with design! But design is state of your mind and design should give comfort and pleasure to all receivers. Nothing is in trend but it lies in your clarity!



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