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‘Puss in Boots’ came to life in B’lore studio

Look out for a long line of Indian names among the rolling credit-list at the end of ‘Puss In Boots’, the latest Hollywood animation movie in town. It is the first fulllength feature film from Dream-Works Animation that’s been done substantially out of India.

Some 155 people in Bangalore worked on it for almost two years. The 90-minute movie showcases the best of Indian animation talent.
DreamWorks has a team of 200 people at Technicolor, a DreamWorks dedicated unit in Bangalore. Creative director Philippe Gluckman heads the team. ‘Puss in Boots’ director Chris Miller, who previously directed ‘Shrek 3’, remotely supervised the project along with DreamWorks president Joe Aguilar.
A few weeks ago, DreamWorks Animation CEO and moviemaker Jeffrey Katzenberg flew into Bangalore with a sealed can that contained the final print of ‘Puss In Boots’ to show the film to the India team. “The work is on par with the highest standard of animation in the world and it matches DreamWorks’ tradition,’’ Katzenberg is said to have told the team.
The Indian crew included animators, lighting artists, special effects experts, atmosphere and volume metric experts, image rendering specialists, secondary animation experts for foliage, fur, hair, dust, fire, hay and particles, and simulation specialists for water, waves, wind, air, etc.
The storyboard and a rough, previsualization sketch came from the DreamWorks studio in the US, while the team in India developed the entire layout, a framework that blocked space for each character frame-byframe.
Biren Ghose, country head of Technicolor, told TOI that the unit faced several challenges. “For instance, screening rules had to be highly synchronized between India and the US for seamless picture quality, high resolution, colour accuracy and 3D stereoscopic effect. Also, DreamWorks uses only proprietary tools and software, making it tough for Indian talent to quickly get accustomed to it. Still we did it.’’
Bangalore had done some work for Madagascar 2. Many parts of Madagascar 3, scheduled for release in 2013, will be done out of here.
Ghose pointed out, “It’s a nice beginning for the Indian animation industry. No one will again ask if the country can produce animation and special effects for a global audience. Such a question existed till a week ago (before the movie released),’’ he said.
‘Puss In Boots’ has already collected over $140 million, with the first weekend collection being $34 million, in the US. Other markets including Asia have collected another $89 million and the total box office volumes are expected to cross $400 million while an equivalent sum is expected from DVDs and TV syndication.

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