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November 24, 2011
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December 23, 2011

Prepare for Computer Animation Education

Computer animation education has become the most wanted major for students. The world of animation, 3D, and movie industry is very appealing for youngsters. Since choosing an education major will give effect on the future life such as career that will determine our life quality. Information technology has become the most wanted career nowadays. That is why young people choose computer animation education as their education for long term to pursue computer animation career. What do we need to prepare for computer animation education?

Preparing demo reel in computer animation education
To get desired career in computer animation, we have to prepare the best demo reel for the project because sometimes, demo reel can be either a failure in out future career or even a success factor. The computer animation education will grade the demo reel as the important point in our future career. Preparing most of our effort to create the demo reel can be very helpful to get great result in computer animation education.
Second in computer animation education we have to create attractive portfolio so when we apply for jobs in several companies, we give them good impression from our portfolio. We can start the portfolio in computer animation education by making some voluntarily projects for some companies, or for school projects. We do not need payment, what we need is experience to be put into our portfolio.
To complete our study in computer animation education we might want to sharpen our knowledge by preparing other important things such as skills we got from computer animation education, experiences, tools, practice for interview, learning newest animation software so when we apply for jobs, we have the recent knowledge of what is the trend in the market now. We will have more advantage compare to other applicants besides our computer animation education.


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